They must be desperate

Marcos is opening about 1/2 mile down the road from me. I have heard they are opening on Friday and Monday, don’t know which is true, but they are ready to run. Yesterday they were handing out pizza all around the area and asking people to apply for a job. What I expected them to do and the same we did almost 15 years ago. Today, one of their people came into my shop to solicit employees to go work for them. He kept trying to hand me a flyer. Apparently they have not got enough drivers yet. I was polite but told him nobody here was interested.

Unbelievable trying to snatch up staff like that!

And I was going to send them flowers and welcome them to the neighborhood.

Papa Johns did this to me as well. Didn’t work out for them as they closed 2 years later lol

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I had a Blockbuster Video outparcel in front of my shop for years that was a great partner in my business… When they bellied up, the space, which is owned by a different landlord (I learned this to my horror), was subdivided… I know have a Marco’s Pizza and a Firehouse Sub in front of my Pizza and Sandwich Shop… I was really, really, really upset… I couldn’t believe that anyone would be so low class as to put a pizza shop in front of another… But we are not talking about a company with scruples or good product… When my customers walked into that pretty little shop and saw a dough sheeter being operated by children, they quickly continued back to The Jammin Pie…

Firehouse’s steamed sub was laughed at when compared to

Don’t ever let a chain scare you, unless your game is not high level… There is always room for quality and service and the answer to almost every problem begins with stepping up your game in both!

Not really worried about them, They will initially get a good portion of my business as everyone tries the new place, but a big percentage of those will come back because we make a good product and most of our stuff is priced lower than theirs. Their pizza is not bad, and some will like it better but thats life.