thickening sauce

I want to thicken my tomato pizza sauce.

I understand, and through experience, that garlic, in time causes the sauce to thicken
What type of garlic would cause the tomato sauce to thicken more, powder, granulated, or fresh.
I want to use the type that will that will impart the least garlic flavor and still thicken the sauce.

I use Stanislaus 7/11 or Escalon 6 in 1 ground tomatoes, lightly seasoned with basil, salt, and pepper.

Or is there another thickening thing I can do without varying from my basic formula too much.


not sure what kind of garlic would have the most effect on thickening, but you could cook your sauce or maybe add tomato paste to the recipe.

I do two things that thicken my sauce. First I add Stanislaus Full Red to the 7/11 it is a crushed tomato product. Second I use granulated garlic at a rate of 1 teaspoon per can of tomato product.


i use full red pizza sauce and 7-11......    7-11 is a real watery tomato. as full red is thick.   the price difference isn't that much.  maybe a buck or two more per case.

What is this 7/11 you guys are using?I used and planned on using again Full red Puree when I open(7/07!!!) and then just cut it down with water,sugar,etc.


7/11 is ground tomatoes it has some peel and seeds witch gives it a nice texture.

Fresh pack product from Stanislaus. See

thanks for the advice about adding the more concentrated crushed tomatoes
that seems like a doable solution,