thickness of sliced mozz in Chicago deep dish

When using sliced mozzarella for a Chicago-style deep dish pizza, how thick should the slices of mozzarella be to produce a pie like Malnati’s or Uno/Due? I read that Tom Lehmann says for a 12-inch pizza, 6 to 8 oz of cheese is an ideal portion (not specific to slices or deep dish), but that’s a big window of variance. I don’t want to under-cheese a pizza or cut corners, but I don’t want to waste any extra either, as an unnecessary extra ounce times thousands of pizzas is wasted money, and I’m working on the numbers for a business plan, and every ounce and dollar counts.

Pre-sliced versions vary in size and thickness, so it doesn’t give me much to go on, and I don’t know if they are even the ideal thickness for this style. I have no problem investing in whatever equipment is needed for slicing, as this will be the only style of pizza I’ll be making, and it seems that slicing my own, with proper equipment, will be an important step for controlling quality and cost. FYI, I plan on offering a 7-inch and a 14-inch. Again, this is only for Chicago-style deep dish pizza.

Thanks in advance for any feedback from all of you experts out there!

we use one ounce slices