Thin & Crispy Delivery Pizza

My goal is to create the best thin & crispy base I can for delivery. I’ve done some research on the forum and I have come to the following information to start trailing with. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Oven: Middleby Marshall PS 540 Gas

Finger Configuration:
Bottom; Open, Open, Open, Open
Top; Open/Blocked, Open, Open, Open/Blocked

Oven Temperature; 260C

Bake Time: 6:30 Min

Hearth Bake Screen/Pizza Size: 12"

Dough Ball size: 250g

Dough Recipe

50% hydration
2.8% Salt
1% Extra Virgin Olive Oil
0.008% ADY
3-4 hour rise 24 hour cool maturation

Keen for all of your feedbCk

To keep your pizza in the best condition for delivery limit the delivery area and use ripple boards under the pizza in the box. It keeps the air flowing under it and stops it getting a moist under base.
For the pizza base make sure your dock it heavily for the best result for a thin base.

Hi Mate,

Yeah we limit to 2.5km radius (Sydney Metro) & use inserts in high quality boxes. It’s amazing what a difference in the finished product a box makes!

Are you still using a PS540? Good to see you get recognized in Aussie PMQ too!

Not a bad write up if I say so myself :lol: Lucky for everyone I didn’t get on the front cover as Debbie from Pizza Zone in Texas was told when she visited PMQ offices a month or so ago.
We use double stack MMPS360’s with vintage vehicle number plates on them :stuck_out_tongue: They are old, noisy but super reliable and cook great.
I’m not sure if I would go with new MM’s as I have heard lots of stories with computer issues with them.
XLT ovens would be my next ones but if they had them in Australia I would go with Edge Ovens. Apparently it is difficult to get certification here for Edge’s which is a shame because you can them direct from USA and have them shipped her with the total cost a lot cheaper than buying any other brand here.
Watch the temp you are cooking at as we only do ours for 7 min at 242C maxing at 245 - 248 in winter when the cold westerlies blow directly off the ocean through our front doors. Best thing is to cook a few at different temps but same speed to find what works best.

Good luck. Thin, crispy, hot and delivery do not co-exist.

Our pizzas are thin based and we deliver. Never have any complaints about not being hot or not being crispy.
Different story where you are situated. Our winter is probably like your summer :twisted: