Thin Crust Delivery

I offer a thin and a hand-tossed crust and I am having problems keeping the thins from getting smashed up or flipped over on delivery. I drive slower and take corners carefully. I am almost to the point where I am going to say we don’t cut thin crust pizza for delivery. Any suggestions on how to prevent this?

Maybe it’s the kind of box you’re using. If it’s one of those paper-thin boxes it’ll allow the pizza to move around more freely than if it was a sturdier box.

Also, I was thinking maybe a lid support would hold some of the slices together if you had pressure on the top of the box while transporting.

I don’t think people would appreciate receiving an uncut pie.

Plus, uncut, it will steam itself soggy.
How are you boxing?
We box both our crust styles with sheets of sandwhich wrap type paper under them in the box, and with a lid support. Haven’t had trouble with thins sliding around…

We are using a good box, but no lid supports. I might try the sandwich paper, and see how that works.

You can get a pizza wheel that is serrated - it perferates instead of cutting it totally apart. We use this for thin crusts and the pizzas hold together and pull apart easily.

BTW - We also use the same serrated wheel to cut our breadsticks…