thin crust pizza ---help

I am having trouble with my this crust pizza…it wont crunch up…the bottom of its very brown, but its not crispy,its soft… any ideas


Not sure how thin is thin, but don’t forget: EVAPORATION causes CRISP (or crunch).

its a thin very thin crust. I run it thru a sheeter… what do you mean by evaporation?

HI packdaddy
It would be helpful if you would let us know what make and model oven you are using.

George Mills

I use a avantec conveyor oven…

I’m betting that the sheeter is the cause of your problem. A sheeted crust can be quite thin, and VERY dense (no open cells) this means that as the crust bakes (from the bottom up) the heat passes right on through the crust and into the sauce where it is dissipated as steam. Literally, the crust never truly gets hot enough to develop a decent crisp. This can be made worse if your dough formula contains sugar, eggs, or milk. Try this, remove any sugar, eggs or milk from the formula, then adjust the sheeter rolls to give you a finished diameter only 2/3 of what your pizza size will be. For example, if you are making a 12-inch pizza, don’t sheet the dough any larger than 8-inches, then finish opening the dough by hand to the final size. Brush VERY LIGHTLY with olive oil and apply a light application of sauce, then dress as usual. Let us know what that gives you.
BTW, what are you baking on?
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I have basically a brand new Avantec CO-2030-2 oven for sale. Since you are invested in Avantec and they appear to be out of business you might be interested in them as a backup or a source of parts. Ovens have less than 6 months use. Basically brand new inside and out.

The last I heard Avantec Ovens had become a part of Hobart.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Tom how long ago did you hear this and has any formal announcement been made, will they be supporting the current customer base and will we be able to secure parts? I liked Dave and was sorry to see them fade away. Even at my own expense.

That’s some good advice