Wanting to add thin crust to the menu. but the only way i know is using a dough sheeter. was wandering if anyone had a recipe the could share or if the had any info on making a thin crust in a conveyor oven that would be crispy without using a dough sheeter was wondering how a nepoltian crust would work and how many ounces i should make for what size right now my hand tossed dough is 18oz for a 14 inch but really would like to do a thin crust any help would be greatly appreciated

Toss your 14" skin to about 16" inches, put it on the 14" screen and trim…

But why do it? Concentrate on your identity and your signature product and promote/sell that. You can not be all things to all people.

I agree with Lou…I mean Steve on this one. Why are you adding thin? You have a hand tossed. Do you also do deep dish or other styles? Have you had a lot of requests for something thinner than your hand tossed? I think concentrating on making your current and known products their best and not complicating the whole kitchen by adding another crust option. Only you know what is needed or wanted by your customers so best of luck too ya either way. Just keep making great pizza! :!:

We had a run of customers wanting pizza witrh less bread/starch, and asking for thinner crust. Sooooo we overstretch our existing doughballs to make “flat crusts” that are not guaranteed to be crispy, crackery thing crust. The 10" flat isn’t so neat and tidy . . . we half a 13 oz ball into 6.5 oz. . . . . then 9 oz for 12" flat and 13 oz for 16" flat.

They come out quite nice this way, and customers ask for them again and again.

We do three styles and our sales are distributed fairly evenly among them. The type of crust has an amazing (real or imagined?) effect on the taste of the pie even using the exact same toppings and amounts.

For our “Pub Crust” we simply take our std. 7oz ball and roll the ever loving life out of it with a 30" rolling pin. We have a sheeter but don’t need it for this procedure. I can get our 7oz ball rolled into our 12" Pub crust, we’ll slide up to the ball we use for our 12" “hand tossed” to get the 14" Pub Crust,though on a good night I can get it done with the 7oz if I really need to.

I will agree with deacon about how the crust can have an extreme effect on the finished product…even with the same dough and toppings. Everything cooks differently with thin over thick or hand. I know we talk about those mean old gum lines…but in Chicago, the cracker thin crusts would have that gum line at most places. Jake’s Pizza in Elk Grove where I grew up was one of my favorites. Super thin crust with a gum line that was a little gewy…easy on the thin sauce and the cheese would always have a well baked layer on it. Not burnt but well browned. I know some of these traits are not what people look for but the finished product was great. So safe too say every pizza is its own! I read a funny quote the other day:

Pizza is like sex. When it’s great, it’s great. But when it’s not that great…well that’s ok too! :stuck_out_tongue: