Thin Spots

When we hand toss our dough, we see lots of thin spots everywhere. Instead of the skin being consistent, there’s all these quarter-sized holes. When the pizza gets baked, the crust is uneven in many spots. We make our own dough in a VCM. We put it straight into the cooler for at least a day or two before using it.

Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Do you go directly from the mixer to the cooler and bulk cold ferment your dough or do you scale, ball, box, cross-stack, then down-stack the dough prior to holding it in the cooler for 24 to 48-hours?
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Sounds most like dough handling when rolling or tossing out the skins to me. How you handle the dough before could certainly also be a factor which is what Tom is getting at with his questions.

If you are cutting and rolling before cooling and proofing the issue is most likely how your crew is handling the doughball. We see this quite a bit with new pizza makers until they get the hang of it.

and is your dough tempered before you stretch it…

my instincts tell me your dough was too dry when you scaled and rolled…

could be that your are stretching your dough unevenly but like everyone else has stated need more info on your dough handling procedures

My guess would be that whoever is balling the dough is not forcing all the air bubbles out, and those voids are your thin spots.
When flattening the dough, you can typically see where the sots are before stretching much.
We had a similar issue a year ago, I marked each dough box with the name of the person who balled it up, and the problem dough balls all had the same persons name on it. I showed him what is happening, and why, and now we have a more consistent dough because he is being more forceful while balling