Things customers say that drive you insane

I dont know about you but i get very very tired of people not thinking or saying stupid things on the phone when ordering pizza.

The one i get the most is

Me: "Will this be for pick up or delivery? Customer: “Yes” Me: "Im sorry will this be for pick up or delivery? Customer: “Yes” This happens all the darn time. And when you busy its really irritating.

Or the customers that order a Candian bacon pizza and you read back the order to them and they call back and say i ordered a canadian bacon pizza and it was missing the pineapple " i want a free pizza"

Maybe im just having a bad day but its really getting on my nerves!!!

Someone got all mad last night cause we didnt carry “blue cheese ranch”…

I just got off the phone with a guy that asked how much for a medium pizza. I don’t have my pizzas labeled that way. I ask if he wanted the 6 slice 10" or the 8 slice 12" and he said he wanted a medium. So I gave him the price for the 12". He then said forget it your website says it is (the price of a 10") you are trying to rip me off. then he hung up on me.

I like the ones that call and say…“Can I have one with everything?” I usually had to explain we had 18 different toppings. Then they would say they want a deluxe or something similar. One time we had that happen and explained it to the guest how many toppings it was and the price. They came in to pay and were surprised anyways. They walked out with the pizzas though. It seems like no matter how much you explain it, the customer seems to have a different idea regardless.

i got one the other day where they called and wanted to order a “Topping pizza”

i said ok what kind of pizza woukd you like…"I said topping pizza!!!


That one made me laugh. I’m guessing that person was blonde (not to stereotype or anything)… I assume you know where they came up with that? :lol:

I had one the other week, this was a regular customer who always acts a ditz when shes in store, and yes she is blonde.

She phoned the order to be be delivered to her home and said her address ‘eh 36 ****** street, I think’ so I asked if she was sure jokingly. Guess what, I heard her open her front door and check the door number before confirming.

I managed to keep a straight face all of 2 seconds.