Things I have learned from the magnet project.

I never dreamed the request for magnets would touch so many people in so many ways and in so many places. Magnets have been sent from Australia and New Zealand as well as from all corners of North America. There have been many notes from people who mention they understand because they have a loved one who has special needs. Many of you have had you family and friends collecting magnets to send. Even those who do not have or use magnets for their business have sent well wishes. I am humbled by this because I am not sure I would be as big hearted as all of you have been.

In general I have come to some conclusions from my experience doing this project.

*  Think Tank members will go out of their way to show compassion for those who are less fortunate
*  Never underestimate what response your call for help on the Think Tank will bring

Now some things that I have noticed about the hundreds of magnets you have sent for Ricky

*  Important things like name and phone number should be readable from five feet away (about the distance from counter to fridge)
*  Highly contrasting lettering and backgrounds show up best
*  Thicker magnets are better to a point (not all magnets are created equal)
*  Keep it simple (it is a magnet not a menu)
*  Custom shapes tend to catch your eye
*  Black print on full color is hard to read (white is much easier)

I have tried to send each of you who sent magnets a message indicating they arrived. PM me if I missed you.