Think tank gap in September

Dear Think Tankers,

Our community is growing! During our transition to a bigger and faster server, posts and new users from August 23 - September 22 were unfortunately lost.

We are so sorry for the loss and are trying our best to recover the data.

Cheers from the tank

Glad you explained what happend. Hopefully much of the info comes back. Lots of valuable info here.

Wow that means we are missing the whole exchange between Peter and Registered Guest :frowning:

I was wondering what was wrong yesterday when I tried to log on & it kept saying unavailable.

That was my favorite :frowning:

lol bummer hope you guys find all the info!


I bet Peter told PMQ that if they put one of his magnets on the server hard drive, it would work twice as fast.

Sad news, y’all. All the useful info (@Ouzoshots ) and less useful info (Peter vs. Registered Guest) was unable to be recovered. :oops: It was really a fluke what happened. For you computer whizzes out there, I will explain a bit about what happened and why it won’t happen again.

We migrated to the new server on Aug 23 and didn’t realize at the time that we had the subdomain pointing to an IP address instead of a DNS (which would automatically switch to the new server). So when the old IP address expired, everything vanished. On the new server, the Think Tank up until Aug 23rd had been saved so when we finally got pointing in the right direction it picked up right from the moment we did the migration - August 23rd.

Aww, less useful info? I disagree. It was very useful info for anyone that might be contemplating doing business with him.

True that, @Registered Guest !

I knew it. You guys did buy a magnet for the server, didn’t you? :smiley: