Think Tank idea

How about a seperate forum to compare product prices? For example, a thread could be about produce. How much are you paying for Onions this week? Operators could post their current invoice prices they paid. This would let other operators compare what others are paying and keep their distibutor in line.

Wouldn’t prices vary by location, area of contry etc? As well as the local price of gas? I know in the NW Seattle area we have some of the highest gas in the nation, I think California comes in first. We are at $3.45 a gallon.

I guess U$3.45 a gallon is expensive by US standards, however, recently in the Vancouver BC area we have seen C$1.28 per litre…With exchange that is almost U$5.50 per US gallon…

$3.19 NY

Yes, it would. you would still have an idea of where you are at and if others list their location you could can even compare.

Ohio $3.15 gallon

Up, where are you in NY?


$2.89/gal in Mississippi (guess being the lowest in some national categories is a good thing)

Same here in West Georgia . . . $2.89 . . . about 1 hour southwest of Atlanta.

about 2.79 here south of houston

Once again we Canadains get the shaft. Cheese, gas, taxes etc.

Long Island where u ?

And we don’t get the shaft when someone passes off your “funny money” to us when we’re not looking? :slight_smile:

I’m on LI too. PM me or drop me an email. Love to BS.

Here in the suburbs of Atlanta, we pay $2.88/galon and we are already feeling the brunt of high gas prices…just this week our chicken wing delivery company told us they would increase the prices of wings by .10/lb. We buy a lot of wings, so it really hits us hard.

Send it to me I will gladly handle it for you. Or you could play monopoly with it.

in anwser to the original post… yes do something different as the ‘I pay xxx for my yyy’ and ‘I pay aaa for my bbb’ is pretty boring.

i agree lets start something like that

Hello Papa Joe, back to your original idea,I think it is an excellent one.How we got to the gas prices I’ll never know.

           Phila area,Fresh Tomatos=23.50 per cs.,Iceburg lett.19.00 per cs.,Grande diced whole milk 62.00 per cs.,Fresh jumbo wings=1.59 per llb.,Chse.stk.meat=2.49 llb.,Oreida f/f=14.00 per cs.

   Hope this helps any comparisons.     Niccademo  5/8/07

25lb Tomatoes (6x6) 27.50
25lb green Peppers 19.50
50lb Spanish Onions 27.50
Stella unsmoked Provolone 1.89/lb
Full Red tomato Puree 20.95 (6 cans)
Saporito xheavy Pizza Sauce 22.65
Margherita Pepperoni 25lb 54.25