"Think Tank" pizzeria opening in September

no, not in your town !
in Quartzsite, AZ
Pizza Wheel, third year in business there, new location, new look

I do not have You Tube or web site images on the new look
if interested, I can e-mail you photos and my menu,

BTW, looking for employees


Re: “Think Tank” pizzeria opening Thursday, Septem

How about going to the facebook group pizza owners of the world and post them there.

Re: “Think Tank” pizzeria opening Thursday, Septem

I would like to,

how do I post to the “face book” ?

I have a web site, it is not updated because I do not know how…
that’s why I offerred the e-mail, because I can do that…

If there is a website for this facebook, appreciate if you could send it to me,