Thinking about adding mexican any input please?

I am doing alright right now with my sales but still of course want an increase. A pizza guy from a different area but lives in my area brought up to me that I should put a light mexican menu on a limited try. Basically just tacos, soft and hard, chips and cheese, nachos. if this goes well try burritos and enchilladas. In my immediate area right now there are 8 other pizza joints. No mexican food is being served except taco *ell. They do very well and they really dont put anything on their tacos. There is a restaurant about 8 miles from here that is selling 4,000 $1 tacos a day. I have a drive-thru and it might be great and quick for lunch. Does anybody else do this? Would it be a bad perception to add on a completely different type of food? Any input would be greatly appreciated.

conveyors do a great job on nachos & wet burritos/enchiladas…if you have the ability to add some TexMex flavor, that might be alright, but if your sales are weak, that may not be the answer…

i would say no add things that are related to pizza italian food yes but not mexican you are known for your pizza not mexican food not the right way to do things
for the drive thru sell slices if you are not doing it allready DO NOT DO IT IS using larg fonts is more convincing? good luck i hope i am helping

thanks for the input. I am kind of hesitant on it. Just thinking aloud I guess.

I can see the value in some ‘fusion’ type menu items, though. Making some traditional Italian or tex-mex dishes with a fusion of the other could add some interest to the menu. We had a “Pizzadilla” that is two tortillas, shredded mozz/prov in the style of a quesadilla with pizza sauce to dip. It is rather good.

You can do a burrito calzone or stromboli with beans, seasoned meat and cheese . . . side of salsa.

Cannellone Messicano . . . (fuses canneloni and enchilada) traditional pasta rolled around ricotta and seasoned taco meat and topped with white sauce and maybe an enchilada sauce garnish.

Gyros, pizzas, fajitas, and all sorts of other things can be blended together to get an very interesting marriage of the cultural flavor profiles.

i say good upsell i do it and compliments eachother

This is just my opinion…I would never go out to an Italian/Pizzeria for Mexican food.And I don’t think most would either.This is not saying you couldn’t do a great job cooking it,it just doesn’t sit right w/ the norm.


I agree with goomba. If my family wants Mexican, we’ll go to a Mexican place. UNLESS, it’s set up some of the Pizza Hut/Taco Bell combo units. Then I could see a family going to the one location for both.