thinking about adding seating to carry out biz

we own a small carry out pizza shop in very rural area of tn. our county has a population of about 20000 we are origanly from las vegas so were not country bumpkins we never owned a pizza shop before but we openend one anyway so far so good we are the only ones within 20 mile radius with fresh pizza everyone else is just doin 12" frozen we have been open since 11/06 we have a nice easy menu pizzas, wings ,pasta,subs,calzones,desert pizzas,and we are the only ones with hand dipped ice cream shakes etc. our little building is 14 x 32 plus a small 8 x 14 walk in area for cust. plus we have a drive through. outdoor patio seating thats covered 24 x 32 that does not get used near enough.we are doing good not getting rich but holding our own we were able to hire two emp. to help take the load off.i was able to buy building next to me pole barn type metal building we were thinking about moving our biz there with seating kiddie amusments couple of pool tables and some tv s for sporting events no alchol we are a dry county. hope to capture the dine in crowd to boost sales and have a place for familes to go ,no such thing up here.are we moving to fast ? just would like some coments to hear both sides of the fence.

If you were registered, I’d have sent this as a PM. However, being in TN, I’m curious as to where you’re located.

I’m all for dine-in. Here’s where I see the fatal flaw. You want kids games AND pool tables. Absent the alcohol factor, you still have the group that pool tables attrack. I play pool, so I’m not being “elitist” or anything, but pool tables tend to bring in people with foul mouths, which is NOT kid-friendly. If you were willing to build a room for “adult” type games such as pool and darts, that might work, but I wouldn’t put the video games side-by-side in a restaurant with pool tables. Video games also can bring in the foul-mouths, but depending on the type of video game, some just gear themselves more toward kids.

If I were able to do everything I wanted and had room to spare, tossing in a few video game consoles such as xbox, playstation or whatever would bring in the teens. Again, segregate from the dinner crowd, but your summer-time and after-school periods would have more foot traffic. You won’t make much money as they’re probably going to buy a coke and suck down as much coke as they can.

were up in grundy county 100 miles from nash 60 miles from chatt