Thinking about an Edge 30 Conveyor Oven

Anybody have one of these ovens? We only sell 12" pizzas. How big of a pizza can the Edge 30 do? I am trying to keep everything compact for a small kitchen so I didn’t want to get a 40.


The edge 30 can bake about 70 12 in pizzas per hour using a 6 minute bake.

George Mills

I plan to get a double stack for redundancy. Is there any reason for me to get a Edge 40, 60? Will they cook the same?

All Edge ovens bake the same the only difference is production capacity.

We design pizza shops with a minimum of 200 pizzas per hour.

Our best clients are equipped to bake 300 per hour and some 400.
You can’t sell a lot of pizza if you are mot equipped to bake a lot of pizza.

George Mills

My restaurant is only half pizza. The other half we sell is smoked BBQ. First store opening in a few months. Really not sure how much pizza we will sell but it’s hard to imagine selling more than 100 or so in an hour. Never know… It would be a good problem to have.