Thinking about changing oven from Rotoflex to conveyor, good idea?

So I am in the process of moving my store from a smaller place out of the way to a more population dense upper income area. I love the rotoflex, it’s unique, we get lots of comments on it, and never gave us any problems. The thing is it requires an experienced and expensive oven tender and even then we end up with burnt or under cooked pies.
I have never used a conveyor oven in my life, we are planning on display cooking for the pizza. We do thin cracker crust pizza and chicago style deep dish. We put the sausage on the pizza raw. I always like the ability to do volume, but never at the expense of quality. We have won several awards for our food and I believe that is what has made us popular, it can’t be almost as good, it has to be every bit as good.
Does anyone have any experience with cracker crust, deep dish, and raw sausage on conveyor ovens? does anyone that was worried about quality care to share the story of their switch? thanks in advance.

switched from Rotoflex to (2)Edge60WB about a year ago and never looked back…never have to worry about the oven guy not showing up now…we were worried about complaints, but we actually got compliments instead. Your summer working conditions will drastically improve as well as your production capacity and your gas bill will definitely go down

Thanks, do you use pans? It’s really foreign to me. Did you have to change your dough formula?

yes to pans…for dough we cut the yeast in half but we have a non-conventional recipe

Open only 3 months now, i was also very concerned about quality and wanting the best oven for my new location , went with a double stack Edge60 wide belt,very happy, are customers happy ? - that’s what counts , read yelp reviews for P38 Pizza (during buildout i had a few scoffers about using a conveyor oven) i was also worried about only doing 2 sizes - 10 in and 14 in - now i’m glad !