thinking about deck oven not for pizza

are you guys cooking other things besides pizzas in em? would like to use one for cooking veggies cornbread etc in them just like the idea of using one because of the size and how cheap they are just load up with pans and go at it. :slight_smile:

I my multi-versatile deck oven, I have baked/roasted/cooked:

  • pork loins
  • greek potatoes
  • bread
  • ears of corn
  • lamb legs
  • lasagna
  • reheated pasta dishes to service
  • asparagus spears (roasted)
  • cornish game hens
  • stuffed pork chops
  • meatballs
  • baked spaghetti/psta casseroles

Plus more. that oven is a joy to have when you want to cook large quantities of nearly anything (as long as it is less than 8" tall).

thanks nick still tryin to get down and see ya just not enough hours in the day goin to atlanta next week to pick up some tables will try then .