Thinking about to get Conveyor Oven for my cafe.. -m-

I am thinking about to get a Conveyor Oven for my cafe, but I don’t have any hood system.

I was wondering if hood is critically needed for a Conveyor Oven or
if there is any option for me that doesn’t require a hood.

I was thinking about to get a Blodgett s1820 (electric) version. but don’t know yet if hood is required or not.

can you guys give me any advice what equipment should i get that doesn’t require a hood and it still can produce a good quality pizza.

You need to check on your local codes. In our area, we can have an electric conveyor without a hood. We use lincoln impinger II ovens in our #2 location without hoods. You can certainly get a good pizza but it takes a little work to fine tune the bake for your dough.

Thank you…

I should look into Lincoln

Hi Bacco:

The national building code calls for a hood over any pizza oven be it gas or electric.

The object of food service ventilation is the removal of cooking vapors. Hoods also remove heat and if any, smoke.

It is apparent from some postings that a few inspectors are not enforcing the code but that does not change the code.

Not only is a hood required but all air removed by the hood must be returned to the building and not below room temperature less 10 degrees.

How many pizzas do you think you could sell during your busiest hour? Let me know and I can tell you the appropriate size oven. But I am quite sure you will need a hood.

George Mills

Hello, :smiley:

Thank you for a great info.

My cafe is in the Pike Place Market, seattle/
we do about 100K sale per month on summer busy season.
but 50K sale on slow season like winter. and we are mainly focusing on breakfast.

So my idea was in order to boost up some sale in the winter business, I’d like to offer some hot lunch food such as pizza or hot sandwich that I can use this oven as well. But because the business isn’t mainly focused on pizza business, I am sure it won’t be more than $300-400 sale on pizza per day, and even it gets bussier with higher volum I can always get another one to stack on top of other.

I am very new to pizza industry with pizza oven, but I certainly want to get a Conveyor oven that can produce high quality (as close as wood burn oven).

I want to sell a thin traditional pizza instead of deep dish because we are an Italian Cafe.

Please suggest me a good oven that I can use and I can produce some high quality food.

**Oh, I foget to mention that It’s gonna be only one size 9-10 inch pizza.

Hi baccocafe

Please focus in on th main question.

In order to properly advise you I need to know How many pizzas will you want to be able to bake during your busiest hour of your busiest day.

Given that information I, can tell you just what oven and ventilation system you will need.

The recommendations I make will equip you with an oven of a production capacity that, if you need, can be doubled or tripled in production without a change in the ventilation system.

George Mills

Hi : )

Sorry i guess I lost the focus : (

I would say in the busiest hour, prob. 30-25 9 inch pizza at the most.

so far I have found one Refurbished Lincoln 1133 Electric conveyor oven for $3400 with 1yr parts warranty.

What do u think?

and how is 1133 oven?

Hi baccocafe:

Lincoln is a fine company.

The 1133 oven should easily do your job.

Price is fair. Sounds as though the seller has faith in his work if he is offering a 1 year warranty. Is that warranty for both parts and service?

One thing, If that is an older version and has the controls under the conveyor belt on the right side, it does not stack well as heat coming out the conveyor aperture can adversely effect the unit above it. If you ever stack on a second oven it is a good Idea to put some insulation under the upper units control box.

I suggest that you ask your building inspector about ventilation before you buy the unit. Being electric and not large he could allow it. You would not want to find out after your purchase that ventilation is required.

Good Luck

George Mills