Thinking hard about starting my own pizza place...

Hi, I’m new and I want to know how crazy I am. I want to start my
own pizza co/del business in a town of 12k. We have a pizzahut, dominoes, east of chicago, 2 indys and a couple of bars that serve pizza.
On the plus side, this is a very pizza oriented town. I’m doing my research, and my business plan now. I have 15 years of experience, and
I know my market well. My concept is to startup w/25k, concentrate
on fast cheap good pizza, heavy emphasis on delivery. I have a great idea
on desert & taco pizzas, and breadsticks, that will give me my own idenity.
I do plan on practically living there, and having 2-3 employees. I want to
be simple as possible and expand slowly. My plan also is in about 6 mo.
having dine in as well, especially lunch (no buffett, pizza’s by the slice
subs and fries.) Pizza hut’s the only one that has dine in.
I will use frozen crust, and am working on my own sauce. Nobody does
doorhanging, and I think doorhanging will be a big part of my advertising budget. So am I crazy?

I think you are crazy to use frozen crust. One of the main things you can do to differentiate your place from the chains and bars is to serve a great product. That isn’t going to happen with frozen crust. Spend 3k for a used hobart and make dough everyday. It’s cheaper,($.20 per doughball or less) and can make a great pizza. You will also have to be careful trying to open with only $25k. Try to find a building that used to be a pizza place or some other kind of food establishment. Renovations and leasehold improvements can add up very quickly.

I think you are crazy - but I think that everyone in here would consider themselves crazy for doing it to. If you go for it, go for it - and don’t look back. If not, then don’t. There’s nothing wrong with punching a clock, it’s just not for me.

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. I think am a point
I can take this chance, and if doesn’t work, at least I tried, no regrets.

I think making my own crust will come later, There’s a lot of labor that goes into that, and until I establish myself, I won’t be able to predict
how much dough I’m going to need each day.

the smart@$$ answer to how many dough you will need is “the same number as pizzas you sell”.

I recommend you read this forum in detail. There are some real wise contributors here.

Here is a thread that may open you eyes about fast and cheap. … 2029&t=408

My opinion on “I will do it this way to start” is this: Be consistant as customers want to know what they are getting. They go to LC not for the quality but beacuse it is consistantly fast and cheap. They come to me because it is consistantly fresh and tastey. Choose your road and stay on it.

And yes your are crazy.