Thinking of delivery/carry out franchise

My husband and I are thinking of opening a delivery/carry out pizza franchise. We dont know which to go with. Does anyone have any recommendations? We are in AZ. Also, does anyone have any input as far as franchise vs. independent?

Thanks! :smiley:

alot of it really depends on your experience in the business, if you have none at all get some and if you have alot of experience in pizza then i say trust your judgement and build your own business instead of paying franchise fees and being locked inside of a set of rules you may find out that you don’t really care for

Thanks for your response! My husband has a background in restaurant management which is probably a total different animal than pizza. However, that is why we were thinking about the franchise route. Do they not train you in these areas where we might be a little green? We have not really talked to any franchisee’s yet, that is why I posted here. I wanted to get REAL ANSWERS from REAL PEOPLE and not a corporate speech!!!

P.S. I greatly appreciate your input!! :smiley: