Thinking of recruiting assistant managers from out of town

We are in a resort ski town in Colorado. The labor market is pretty tight here. I am considering recruiting a couple of key staff from elsewhere and wondering if any of you have tried it.

Our assistant managers will make $12 an hour plus bonus (about $1500 to $3000 during the winter and another $1500-$2000 during the rest of the year) and get a season ski pass that I pay half of and the other half comes from bonus. They can expect 35 hours in the off season and 40-45 during the season and 50-60 during the Christmas holidays (Dec 26-Jan 10) and Spring break (I pay overtime) Paid vacation is 1 week after a year, 2 weeks after two years and 3 weeks after three years. I match retirement contributions for employees who have earned over 5K and work over 30 hours a week.

I generally hire people as cooks for $10, bump them to $11 after 4-8 weeks. If they take on keyholder responsibility I raise that to $12 after 4-6 weeks when they show they can handle it. Bonuses are only for key holders. Total annual bonuses are about 10-15K divided between 3-4 people according to contribution and hours worked.

It does not make sense to offer moving or housing at this level, but I wonder if there might be some skier/snowboarder pizza slinger types elsewhere that would go for a winter in Colorado.

Have any of you ever hired from out of town? Where did you advertise? How did it work out?

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Hello Bodega,I have a good friend who is a ski nut that left here in Philly to go to work in Colorado doing construction.He found the job on you may consider that website as a help wanted add.


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Thanks Niccademo. Good idea.

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:wink: hows the fly fishing there–would I have time to fish? and would you not tell my wife where I went??

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Old Pizza Driver…

Fly fishing is within 100 yards of the store. It is catch and release water.

Fly water within 3 hours (most are closer): Green River (at Flaming Gorge), Colorado River (upper sections from Granby to Rifle), Eagle River, Yampa River, Chrystal River, Blue River, Fraser River, Roaring Fork, Poudre River, North Platte, Encampment, Frying Pan, White River and lots of high country creeks and tributaries.

There is plenty of time to fish at the best fishing times of the year. Spring and Fall are the slow seasons (April through June and September through November), Managers can cut back to 20 hours if that is what they want or, work four “doubles” Mon-Thu, take six days off, then work four doubles Thu - Sun and have 40 hours in every week with a six day break every other week. Hours in July and August are 40-45, Winter is the same except that December 26 to January 10 is more like 50-55.

Most of our employees are into mountain biking, snowboarding, fishing or something along those lines.

Communicating with your wife is up to you.

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Just went to Monster to have a look. There are several pizza related help wanted ads for my state. Most are from nationals. I looked into the ad cost… it costs $385 to place an ad. Ouch. I’ll have to think about that one. Obviously, if it works, that is not a bad deal, but it is pretty expensive as an experiment!