Thinking of switching pos from point of success, anyone ever change?

I have been using point of success since we opened 15 years ago. It has worked well and I dont have any complaints about it. I am at a point now where we use a separate system for a loyalty program that tracks points and sends e-mail marketing etc, but since its not integrated with Point of Success it always requires us to manually enter into the separate program the total of the orders. It also does not have an easy way to offer loyalty points to online orders. We use the online ordering with Point of Success and it works, but as time goes on other systems I see from other company’s online ordering are just really starting to pass our system by. The gui interface is dated and while I don’t have a problem navigating it I could see less computer savvy people struggling a bit. So I have been poking around a bit to see what other systems there are. I really want a system that fully integrates online ordering ( with a nice intuitive gui), and loyalty / marketing program. My, I guess concern is, I will switch to something new, spend a ton of money, and it will just kinda not be much of an upgrade. With that in mind I wanted to reach out to anybody here that may have experience switching, how there experience with a different pos was and if they felt it was worth it to switch?

Feel free to message me. Weve been using Speedline for almost 7 years now and love it. Support is great, they have loyalty programs, we use brygid for online ordering and they a great too.

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Switched to microworks recently. Overall it’s very cumbersome and difficult and the help menu doesn’t help much. The online ordering integrates well, but Point of success is much easier and more user friendly

Microworks here too. It is a little cumbersome and not very intuitive, but the system is rock solid and the support is awesome. And I will take reliability and support over bells and whistles every time.

If I were to try a new system I would try Speedline based off the comments here.

Perhaps you are on an earlier version of Point of Success? Our current version is 4.2.3 and it includes Local Loyalty. That means you can choose to order and use/swipe loyalty cards or just use something else to identify the loyalty ID, such as their phone number. We are currently beta testing another online ordering option in order to offer our users two choices for integrated online ordering. Perhaps you were not aware of our relationship with 86Borders? Driver tracking and text marketing to your customers is now available as an integrated feature.

It really sounds like you haven’t been made aware of many of our new features. A trip to our webpage and the link to review the new features would be recommended. You can also call our sales or support department anytime to discuss the new features.

Recently added Toast and so far love the system and the price couldn’t have been better. They have financing too if needed.

We’ve been on Point of Success for the last 4 years or so and will probably be looking to switch soon. It works ok for us and the cost was within our budget at the time, but with the last major version upgrade, the printing has become worse. We even replaced terminals to see if that would solve it and it doesn’t. We get 3 or 4 orders daily that just don’t print to the kitchen printer. Our POS support tells us its a bug in the software, but over a year later and still no resolution. We also have troubles with our caller ID integration coming into the POS system. We even bought a new callerID box and only about every 3rd phone call will have the caller information displayed. Support said it was our DSL so we switched to cable internet and over a year later, still have the same issue. Don’t get me started on the online ordering. I agree with Clownhair, it is very antiquated and most other online order platforms have passed it by a long time ago.

I am a PO Success user, jreaching out to see if Anyone is using 86borders for text marketing, delivery tracking and what results you are getting?