Third party delivery policy with mistakes

Interested in owners policies for third party delivery issues? We get the occasional pizza which arrives upside down due to poor delivery by third party driver (ordered through third party app by customer not us). The third party delivery charge us 20% and will not discuss with us any customer issue, the customer needs to liaise direct with app. If we reimburse or send free pizza, we wear the cost of third party mistake and the customer can still then get reimbursement (doubling up) from app, we still need to pay 20% to TP for faulty delivery. The customer is able to contact the third party direct with pics and they will be reimbursed next day. At present we’re directing to that policy but also want to keep our customers happy, they have an upside down pizza and want an immediate solution. Any advice on how others handle? Of course, our own driver mistakes (rare due to SOP’s), we send new pizza free and profuse apology immediately.