This is a first...

I just received the following e-mail, and am not sure what to make of it. I have used this address to place an ad on Craigslist for employees, but not a lot of people know the actual address.

To: (My e-mail address is NickW(at)UncleNicksPizza(dot)com)


Hello this Mrs Ann Hector,
I will like to place an order of large pizza topping with pepperoni for my mum birthday that will hold on 3rd Oct 2013 and it will be a pick up order and it will picking by private carrier that will come with their warming truck on event date… i will like to kno whow much you serve per order and i want you to get back to the me with the total cost of 105 guest also advice on the type of credit card you accept. look forward to hear from your swift respond.


I do not know what to make of this e-mail, definitely seems sketchy, and I am always concerned about anyone who makes first contact via e-mail. Anyone have any idea what the game may be on this one?

Very similar to a number of scams. Here is how I answer them:

Dear Ann,

Thank you so much for thinking of us. We are very excited about the chance to serve you and your family for your special event.

We do not require the assistance of a “warming truck” as we are in the delivery business and fully capable of delivering a large order hot and ready to your address.

For this kind of order we like to meet in person first to ensure that we can meet all your needs and leave you satisfied with our service. Please call our store at ###-###-#### to set up a time to meet.

Thank you again for your interest!

Its just a scam!

Don’t even reply, as you may end up getting more b.s. emails from others…

We get the same via fax and phone calls as well.

lol. I’ve been getting similar things for awhile now. Most recently I received one that claimed the purchaser was deaf, so please respond via text. They attempted to order 126 “grilled chickens” Here’s how I responded:

Dear Sir,

Understanding that you are deaf, please supply me with the correct music track, likely a b side single off an obscure BeeGees bootleg album, in order for me to hear the proper color. Once I’m able to see the coorect sound, I should be able to process your order, and prepare it utilizing my massive array of Easy Bake Ovens. In the future, please don’t hesitate to contact me at _______. I usually fill in the blank with contact information for locations of the national pizza chains.

Good Day to you.