This would make a great delivery vehicle!
Do a “wrap” and this rig would get enough attention to pay for itself…

Nice truck but not sure its $8k better than getting a Scion xB. Its not much less than the full size E150. If you need that kind of storage in a small footprint it seems to fit the bill but its at an expensive price point.

For wrapping purposes I’d like to get a Sprinter.

Someday I’m going to get smart and wrap my '66 Mustang that’s been sitting in my driveway for 2 years. Can’t really see myself letting the kids use it for deliveries though.

This was my favorite delivery vehicle

I used it for 2 years, now it is in my shop being overhauled. The best part is that it is built on a VW bug so it gets great mileage and cheap maintenance. Everybody knew who was delivering the pizza then, some people even ordered just to see the car :smiley:

I came across this “wrap” today…
And I immediately imagined how it would look if adapted to Nick’s Pizzeria…

that’s a nice Shaky’s one. Have to agree with Royser, however. Nick’s likeness on the side would really elevate the whole look.

The Smart car sure does turn heads.

Almost a year and a half later, mine still gets as much attention as it did when new!

Paul do you survey your new clients and ask them how they found out about you?..

I would think a wrapped car would be the best way to reach tourists and other folks who are at locations that are not easy to reach with your menus or other marketing material…

Rick G, how did you turn a VW Bug into THAT!?! Hehe, nice job. It’s like the batmobile of pizza delivery.

IT is a kit car, similar to a dunebuggy, you pull the body off the bug, do some minor mods to the chassis and then bolt the new body on. the hard part is the interier and the wiring. Here is a link to our owners site.

Side comment,

Shakey’s pizza is horrible, just an overpriced horrible pizza.

Anyone see that LC’s is going to sponsor the Motor City Bowl?