Those of you with an ATM

Hey all,
The ATM I use to have was removed by my gaming supplier because they wanted me to sign a 5 year contract with them. HA!
Thus I am left with no ATM.

So my question is, where did you purchase your ATM and what Bank are you using (and what rate) for the service?

Thanks all!

There are several of these in my area. I know nothing about them but have rarely seen an out of order sign on them.

Hi there,

If you would like me to give you a quote on an ATM and service let me know. Side note, ATM’s were one of the first products required to be PCI Compliant. There are many used ATM’s out there being sold that are NOT PCI compliant. Buyer beware! Good Luck


That’s strange. Normally companies want a commitment up front – not after you already have their product up and running. I don’t understand taking it out “after” an installation. Does not make sense.

Sorry for the short post earlier, I am going through a rough patch with my degenerative joint disease, but anyway about the ATM. It sounds as though the ATM was a placement. When an ATM is placed at a business, the business owner makes a small percentage of the fee. ATM’s have dropped dramatically in price so the business owner could collect 100% of the fee if he purchased the ATM outright. There are many options when purchasing an ATM, such as with or without a maintenance contract. I am guessing that the ATM may not have been making enough money at your location, so they may have wanted to place it at a more profitable one, only a guess though.

my average montly usage is about 120 transactions. The place decided after 2 years that they wanted a contract with me for another 5 years. I dont do contracts. So they had to pull it.

I have two stores…one that has great ATM usage, and the other was minimal. I advised my supplier to take the machine…and he agreed.

Now, as for a contract…I agree…BS. If these people want your business a contract shouldn’t matter. There are TOO MANY people out there wanting to get their games and ATM’s into stores…ask around at the local bars or friends that own a restaurant.

My one store, the vendor PAID ME to put games in there and then it was a 50/50 split on all monies made. I am not as big as other restaurant that actually got vendors to pay for improvements to accommodate their machines into the location…without a contract. A contract is made to protect them…not you. If they know that they provide great service and repairs and supplies…they should not need a contract.