Those who use deep fat fryers

During quiet periods, do you:

a) Leave them on permanently
b) turn them off until they’re needed again
c) leave them somewhere in the middle so they don’t cool down too much

Four years after opening my business, I still can’t decide which option is best!

i just leave it on…figure its gonna use up just as much gas to get beck up to temp as to hold temp.

Leave it on dont touch it.

I used to keep it at 350f
Now i keep it at 325f made a good difference in food quality

Agreed, leave them on. Even if you manage to save money it’s a matter of a few cents anyway.

leave it on you are going to use just as much energy to get those things back up to temp not to mention the amount of time it will take = customer waits longer

I agree with the above. Getting back up to temp could cost more than leaving it on.
George Mills

We fire one or both of our fryers 15 minutes before opening, Some days we start with only 1, other days we have both blazing, as things slow down, we will shut one of them down.

Where your money savings will be realized is in the proper care of your shortening, strain it nightly, try to keep ice and water out of it when dumping food in there,
Also, those expensive shortenings that your supplier will try to sell you based on alleged increased life of the shortening, I see it as a waste, I use the cheapest stuff I can find without any Canola oil in it, (I hate Canola oil for frying)
We fry a few things, mainly just fries & wings, but we also do fried oysters, clams, & shrimp for our Po’Boy sandwiches. And occasionally a Ponza Rotta or two for the crew (Deep Fried Calzone)

Agree 100% with gotrocks, expensive shortening is a waste doesnt last any longer.

the trick is filter every day…cheap shortening is fine, but peanut oil will last a bit longer & the flavor profile is superior…when I had an auto filter system, I could filter several times a day…then peanut oil was worth it…

Did you have people with peanut allergies freaking out over your use of peanut oil?

It is my understanding that the allergen is a protein, and since peanut oil is a lipid with zero proteins, an allergic person should have zero problems. But I could not imagine trying to explain that to a customer with allergies to peanuts.

We shut our fryers off every night…sounds like we’re in the minority here.

I assume you all are shutting your hood systems off overnight, so don’t the fryers heat up your kitchen/restaurant? Does that not cause problems in the cooler months when the A/C is running?


Don’t have a fryer, but my son is allergic to peanuts. This is what an allergist has told us also. The oil is so refined that there should not be a problem. The thing is though, with peanuts having such a severe reaction it is not something that most parents will want to test out!

I do not know of a single person who leaves their fryers on when closed, that is a recipe for disaster.
Exhaust hood, we shut down the exhaust, but in summer we leave the make-up air on to help cool the place down, and to create a positive pressure in the building so when my deliveries get here, and the drivers leave my doors wide open, the positive pressure keeps maybe one fly out of every hundred from coming in.

I misread the initial post. I didn’t realize it said “during quiet times.” Instead, I read “when closed…” for some reason.