Those with conveyors, what's your setup?

I’ve basically been all over the place trying to tune my oven to where I am super excited by its bake but just always feel like it’s lacking. So I wanted to see if others will share there setups. If you could list the oven, finger arraignment, time and temp, and what your cooking pizzas on, screen or Lloyd discs etc…

Fingers are:
Open all along the bottom. With 4 fingers along the top the middle are close and the ends are full open

Time: 6 minutes on Middelby. 6:30 minutes on xlt

Temp 500 on middelby 470 on xlt

Screens are the Lloyd Quick Disc

Ovens: Edge 60
Top Fingers: Closed, Closed, Closed, Open (they call it a finish finger)
Bottom Fingers: Open, Open, Open, Open
Time: 8:10
Temp: 460 degrees fahrenheit
Pizza Style: Thin Crust
Cheese: Grande Whole Milk Mozzarella (makes a difference. I’ve tried other cheese with this setup and they breakdown and burn)
Baked On: Screens

I prefer my pizzas to come out well done as with my experience working in other shops the number one request was well done.

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Thats a nice looking pie rico, and super interesting finger profile. Thanks for both your setups, i am going to try them out tommorow.

That pizza looks stellar. At 8:10 I thought it would look alot darker

16"? How much cheese?

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Before Rico answers I want to see if im close, im going to say

10 ounces

I’m gonna say 14" 8 ounces

I’ll say it’s a 16", supposedly with grande you don’t need to use as much cheese (so legend says). So for the cheese amount I’ll say 9oz

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what is the exact way to measure cook time.

  1. is it the front end of a 14" screen going in and the end of a 14" inch screen coming out?
  2. Or is it just front end to front end?

One specific spot in the oven to out of the oven

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16” 10 oz of cheese