Those with Dine In, what plates do you use?

I’m searching for something nice looking but unbreakable and haven’t had much success from searching the web. What type of dinnerware (dinner plates and salad bowls) do you use?

Thanks in advance if anyone can post brand names or something to help.

CiCi’s uses a plate similar to what you’re describing. One thing to consider is whether you’ll be using a broiler to “finish” any of your dishes (such as melting cheese on a pasta, etc). Such dishes won’t work well for you.

Another idea would be to check out Superior Products, Ace restaurant supply, or Restaurant Depot … some place with a sales floor or showroom where you can look at, touch, etc.

I wouldn’t suggest using the SIZE of plates that CiCis does. Smaller plates seem “cheap” but they do a buffet and are trying to limit the amount retrieved at any one time. Another option might be to check out a local Chinese buffet. Some use china-type dishes, some don’t.

I realize you were asking for a more “I’ve used x-brand” but I don’t have that experience to offer.

I’m trying to go as modern as a pizzeria can go and I found some nice square ones that are about 7" to serve with the pizzas, but I have a huge pet peave when I go into a restaurant and get served with dinnerware that has big chips in them. so find them cheap enough that you don’t mind replacing them often, it seems like serving people with broken plates and cracked cups is common occurance where I live and I just think its tacky!!! anyways, this probly hasn’t answered your question but the website that I found some good stuff on is

We currently use a variety of dishes for service. Our prime workhorse is a 7" aluminum pizza plate. It’s lightweight, durable, unbreakable, ovenable and a charming fit into the pizzeria feel.

We use plastic salad bowls with decorative designs. Not the plain melamine you get at restaurant supply.

For baked pasta, we use china rarebits. Again, ovenable, but heavy and can chip on you. Tossed pastas go into large pasta bowls with a flat rim. Great presentation, and rather sturdy. Ovenable, but heavy. Sandwiches and wings go into a basket with a liner.

We are aiming at a casual feel for the most part, so not so much the same as yours. When we get the upscale side going, we will move to chinaware of some sort.

check them out…I have used mine for about 4 yrs without a problem

where u are located?

i might have alot extra in a really nice design