Thought I'd Heard It All

A customer phoned through an order the other night asking if ONE slice could have no cheese.
They couldn’t understand that we couldn’t do it even though it was explained we cheese under and on top of the toppings and that we cut into slices after cooking. We explained the minimum we do is half/half but they didn’t want half with no cheese, only one slice. They ordered the full pizza with all cheese anyway but reiterated they couldn’t see why we couldn’t do one slice and thought we were unreasonable.
One for the books :stuck_out_tongue:

Nearly as bad as the customer that wanted an 8" pizza 1/4 loaded 1/4 bbq chicken 1/4 4 cheese 1/4 pepperoni. I explained we only do 1/2 and 1/2 on 12" or larger with the same sauce for the whole pizza. The reply was this is not 1/2 and 1/2 it is 1/4s.

We have a customer that usually wants one or two pieces with no cheese. We tell him we’ll get it close, but don’t hold us responsible for the melted cheese to run over on the cheese-less pieces. It works.

Outside the US, 1/4 pizzas are pretty standard actually.

Customers aren’t stupid. There is no reason why you can’t put no cheese on one slice. Explain it like Amelmor. Melted cheese will probably dribble on the side, that is pretty much a given, and people can understand that a heck of a lot better than a “No we can’t do that”, because the bottom line is, you can do it. And maybe save a quarter in the process at the same time keeping your customer happy.

Judging from the picture I would have to guess those pizzas are not 8" pies like the one requested by my customers. I would also hazard a guess the staff would not be an average of 15 years old like my store. Bottom line is I have to keep things simple.

When customers want part of a pizza with a different sauce/no sauce/no cheese, we do what the bottom middle picture shows and lay out a “string” of dough to keep the sauce/cheese from bleeding over. It’s not perfect but has the added bonus of clearly marking to the oven tender where to cut the pizza to keep the sauces separate.

How about, “I’d like a supreme pizza with no toppings…”

That’s my favorite!

+1 for just telling the customer that we will do our best, but melting cheese is outside our control. We have a regular family that orders 1/2 Butcher and 1/2 veggie. The wife is a vegetarian. She sent her pizza back a few times and simply says “you messed up the pizza”. The first two times, I didn’t even look at and just assumed we’d messed up. But on the third time, I went and looked at the “messed up pizza”. There was 1/2 of a piece of sausage on the vegetable half of the pizza. I’ve since explained that the need to order two medium pizzas and even offered to charge them the same amount as one large. People are unbelievable sometimes.

If the customer wants one slice of pizza with no cheese then you better make it without arguing. I’d be happy to do it and gain a regular customer and steal business away from the competition. That customer is never coming back and you gave your competitors what should have been your business.

Horses for courses
Sorry but I didn’t lose the customer as they liked the pizza so much they came back.
None the less my answer would be the same
I guess I’m happy with my set up and what I do and what I don’t do and one thing is if they want no cheese on 1 slice then someone else is welcome to it because I bet you they will be the ones who complain
I’m happy with the way I run my set up and I know for a fact that you would be pushing the proverbial uphill with a sharp stick to find anyone willing to do one slice, or anything under 1/2, here where we are
As I said horses for courses
You are welcome to all the weird requests
I’m for putting out a quality product in quantity andour growth says we are doing it really well