Thoughts on closing labor day

How many are closing labor day… Seems like everyone in my area are gone away or are having BBQ Im in a area where everyone BBQ’s in the summer… Last Night Friday was a ok night today had to be my worst saturday… and tommorow is probably going to be slow… I did put up a sign monday saying we would be closed labor day… Just curious on everyones thoughts…

The Labor day weekend is usually slow for us, but Labor Day itself is always very busy. Your mileage may vary, but we are always slammed (Memorial Day too.)

Last few Fridays have been off anyway but tonight (Sat) was more than the norm. Sunday and Monday nights are usually busy on Labor Day weekend. During the day it is usually slower.

We’re closed. Friday & Saturday were their normal, but we’ll be closed Sunday & Monday. My wife is having a bunch over for a BBQ. How nice. . .I’ll be grilling instead of working in the restaurant :lol:
Whatever you are all doing I hope you have a great labor day

We are usually closed on that Sunday because it’s normally slow. But we do open on Labor day. We are usually busy with people returning home from being away for the weekend.

We were closed on all major holidays for years. Last year we decided to open on labor day to see what we were missing. We did just over 150 in sales. This year we will be closed. I think if the weather was bad I would open though.

We were

We close Saturday, Sunday and Monday (We are normally closed Sundays) We have tried in the past being open and it has been a waste of time for us. Sooooo we enjoy the weekend like “normal” people.