Thoughts on my B2B discount program...

Hey all,
Read about the B2B Discount programs some of you offer in another thread, so decided to try my own. What are your thoughts?

Order over $50 and recieve 5% off
Over $100 and recieve 10% off
Over $150 and recieve 15% off
Over $200 and recieve 20% off with a maximum of $100.00 off! (which would be a $500 order)

This applies to both the regular and catering menus

Is this to much of a discount? Maybe max out at 10% instead of 20% ?

Thanks all!

My discount proggie for 2010: 10% for preferred customers, ZERO for all others. ZERO coupons.

I’m sick of the crazy coupons, discounts being offered by businesses that are BK after 12 months. * Yes, I too can offer %50 off and be out of business in 12 months!!!

To borrow a phrase: “Peace Out!”

I’m not particularly fond of a straight % discount based on volume purchased as certain menu items I am willing to discount higher than others. But as to how much to discount, why put a max dollar amount of what you are willing to discount? The first 40 pizzas you’ll discount 20% but the other 20 they want to order you will charge full menu price? That won’t sit well with someone looking to order 60 pies from you. As to how high the percentage should climb, If full price runs 30% food cost, 20% off will be 37.5%. That’s not a bad food cost to run on a $500 order.