Thoughts on paper plates in a small casual dining Delco

So a fellow business owner who i know really well was giving me some constrcutive critisism and i wanted more thoughts.

My new pizza place which has been open 6 months is going great, doing about 40k a month or so. 80% delco and 20% dine-in. We do not have a wait staff and we use paper plates and forks etc, mainly cause its easy and cheap and quick and we are not a full service place.

just order at the counter and we bring the food down to the customer.

My friend was saying that we are loosing out on alot of business since we dont offer real plates and cups and forks etc

I dont want to turn into a full service place, i did that for 3 years and its not my thing, i feel that going to real plates and forks etc, is just a gateway to full service, then they will want a host or waiter and then coffee and the ice cream and cheese cake etc etc etc

Just looking for thoughts on how big of a deal this really is and if i should consider rethinking my ways

here are some pics so you get an idea of the place

I’ve always used real plates, cups,m and silverware. We are an order at the counter and we will bring the food to you place. Never had any problems with customers wanting a full service experience. I think that using real utensils is actually a plus for us since we are in a very “green” town.

I am an order at the counter bring to food to the table too & I have always had real ware cups & plates. I went to eat at a Taco place once in a nearby town…& they had paper plates & plastic ware & they were not cheap as far as their prices were either. Needless to say I have never been back. It cheapens the entire dinner I feel.

Same system here, except we have acrylic cups.
Your dining area looks more set up for full dine in than ours but that doesn’t mean you have to go full service.
We just take the order at the counter, give a number stand and bring the order out to the table. No at table service.
Going with plastic would IMO cheapen your offer especially as you have a nice, neat and orderly table layout. Not much extra work washing a few dishes, silverware and glasses.


my 2 cents, we have almost the exact set up just like you, small and your place looks sooo cozy, We used paper plates and plastic ware for about 3 months, changing over was a real good thing, I think that sitting down with paper plates and plastic forks makes your pizza “seem cheap” exact same pizza with silverware and a dinner plate makes you seem a little more upscale, without going full service. Also Its cheaper :slight_smile: