thoughts on switching phone service

Anyones thoughts on switching phone service from cable service provider to cellular service ??

Reasons for possible switch: Our landline was always going down and expensive so we switched to Charter, for cable & phone. The last 4-5 yrs Charter has been getting disrupted at least 3 times a yr and always seems like it on Thursdays, never getting good answers as to why, this puts a hugh headache in my day, especially after phones go down then we cant run credit cards.

Was thinking of switching to either Sprint or Verizon, already checked about porting the business lines over & they can do it.

use Square as a back up for your credit cards…

consider using an VOIP auto attendant service to help give directions and such…it will utilize your current cable company, but if there is a disruption, you can re-route all calls thru cell svc…

Daisy, your line is only as good as the provider. I have never ever had an issue with Comcast. Our CC is ran threw an internet connection, I retained a land-line connection for our fax line (9.99 a month so if anything goes down boom we switch right over) has not happened yet. knock on wood. As far as the cell phone, A rather new competitor down the road from me has done this, my question is: what about bust times? On a Friday night how many busy signals will you have? Unless there was some sort of roll over and multiple lines would not work for me.

Well after doing some research and going to 3 different cell providers, got prices and found my best deal is with Sprint, bill would roughly be $150, thats with adding my cell phone & another family members phone, so 4 cell phones + a FREE IPAD… I talked with a guy at AT &T about VOIP. stated the device will only accept 1 phone, so no way to route other incoming calls to 2nd line.

Sprint can forward callers to 2nd line with no interruption when main line is busy. Also will be able to use IPAD for “Square”…

Next thing I did was take last months c.c slips & went thru & figured the 2.75% into sales that I would be charge using “Square” and compared that figure to my current c.c processor , a saving of roughly $40… that did not seem like a hugh difference in savings

Whoa, have you used “Square” in a commercial situation? do a little research so you do not have issues like I had with them.

I have used square for about 6 months, and I loved it. Right up until I was told by them that they needed my personal SSN for my corporate account, (my biz is an S-Corp) and that I exceeded their processing limits for the year.
I may have forgot to mention their severe lack of customer service and support.
My woes started when a cashier closed out a wrong ticket on someones card, they customer was overcharged, Square cannot be reached by phone, they only do email. I was trying to get a partial refund to the customer who got overcharged, I kept getting canned email responses, several days later, I finally get an email stating that it is now too late to do a partial refund, they would not share the customers name so I could contact them to let them know they had a credit or refund coming either.
Square may have evolved since I changed processors, but I doubt it.
If you do end up using them, you will find a large percentage of your customers want a paper receipt, I used an ethernet printer from Star Micronics on a router to print a hard copy because people did not like giving out their email for fear of spamming.

Been there, done that, just do a little research before committing and getting hosed.

having used Square for years, yes the CS is weak & awkward, but the few times I’ve emailed a problem, it was corrected…

I’ve had zereo negative feedback from my customers, and when I had 9 drivers on the road, the delivery customers luved the system…

Most folks dont seem to care about a paper receipt & we dont ask/force the email…