Threaded view implemented

You now have the option between Threaded or Flat mode.

You will notice the button at the top right labled “Flat View” or “Threaded View” depending which mode you are already in.

The default view is Threaded, but can be changed in your user profile. If you are not signed up, Threaded view will always be the default unless the community has a clear preference towards Flat.

Thank you for your patience during the upgrade process.

PMQ Webmaster


Thanks for the option, the flat view does seem better though.

Options rock. Option on viewing style, and if we want to quote or not… all in one update. Rock on guys!

NOTE: The biggest benefit to the Threaded view is that you can see what you’ve read and what you’ve haven’t.

If the post is new to you it will be blue. If you have read it, it will be purple.

PMQ Webmaster

Threaded view, please.



I don’t know what to think yet. I find myself using both views!

The thing I like about the flat view is that you can see how many people read it and how many people responded. That is the only thing. Hummm, seems like you could see that on the old style.