Thrive vs. Speedline vs. Point of Success

Currently using a “mom’s basement” special POS and we absolutely need to change but don’t have a monster budget. Got a quote from Revel in the $20k range - not happening.

I’ve narrowed it down to Point of Success, Granbury Thrive, and Speedline. I haven’t gotten a quote from Speedline yet.

Here are our NEEDS:
[]Cash management - forced drops if possible, easy delineation between cash and credit sales.
]Customer management - keep track of customer information & ordering habits - keep card on file would be AWESOME.
[]Caller ID integration
]Delivery Management - need real life mapping and to be able to draw delivery zones on a map for different fees, excluded addresses, etc.
[]Time card functions
]ONLINE ORDERING - ideally don’t want to use a third party but will if necessary and if it goes through the POS.
[]Loyalty program - customizable loyalty program & gift cards through POS.
]Coupon codes etc. - would be awesome if we could link coupon codes to specific customers or have a way to generate multiple unique codes and import for marketing campaigns, but as far as needs go just need to be able to create unlimited codes and discounts (time, product, etc.)
[]Product Grouping - need to be able to do a buy one get one 50% off for whole categories etc.
]Meal Groups - if a customer has two slices, a drink & chips, should be able to automatically apply a group price if set up that way.
Sorry for the lengthy post - this POS thing has been a problem for us for a while now and I feel like I get the rosiest scenario from each supplier. THANK YOU ALL!

I recently installed Thrive in 2 stores in Wi. I have had a lot of problems. New bugs all the time. I also use Thrive online and am having ongoing problems with that too. Currently my salad items on my menu arent working and its been 2 months and they cant fix it yet. constant headaches and loss of time and money.

Honestly sounds like you want speedline

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Speedline can do about 99% of the above, that I know of because we do most of what you listed. We actually have two livemaps, one in the kitchen and one in the dining room (straight ahead of our cashiers) to provide the best quote time possible. Keeping CC’s on file is a tricky thing, I’m not sure if it is legal or not or if it differs state to state but we don’t keep them on file. Speedline has fingerprint readers to clock in so your time clock stays in check with your schedule. If they aren’t scheduled til 5 they can’t punch in at 430 without an override. They also can’t punch in without using their fingerprint, unless you set it up to allow a code or fingerprint.

I’d recommend the PosiFlex units for hardware, two livemaps (it’s only one monthly fee for the maps of $12, you don’t pay extra for adding another map, they simply hook up VGA from any POS you have so you could have as many maps as you have stations.

Drops are easy to do and your reports are fully customizable for however you want your day end to appear. Day files can be automatically exported to quick books at the end of day. I could go on and on about their system, it’s been a lifesaver for us and basically paid for itself in all of the missed dressing cups/sauce cups from our previous POS.

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That seems to be the case. Man the Thrive system looks great and seems like it would solve so many issues that we have. Anyone else have experience with Thrive? Most of the posts I can find are from years ago. Thrive Sales has stated many of those bugs have been worked out.

How about those using Point of Success? How is the online ordering on that?

Anyone have some cost estimates from Speedline?

i have speedline and am very happy with it…just be forewarned it is expensive.

How many terminals?

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Pizza director from foodtec solutions does it all.
It is pricey, but does it everything your asking.

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I would look into Toast. They cover everything that you stated that you need. I switched over to them a year ago with all of my stores and they have been nothing but great. Tablet based. Just FYI.

Hey Graham - I only have one location and was wondering about similar characteristics as you. Have you found a good solution? I feel like with only one location that I don’t need to get the most expensive solution out there.

Hi Graham! Full disclosure here (per my avatar), I work for Granbury/Thr!ve in our marketing department, I just want to preface that so I can be totally transparent here!

You’re right that a lot of the content/posts are from years ago…I can candidly say that our product has made huge strides in the past year. It sounds like maybe you have already talked to a rep or done a demo since you have seen the system, but we definitely address all of your needs that you listed (especially the non-3rd party online ordering), but please don’t hesitate to let me know if I can provide any more resources/info. We do have a Buyer’s Guide you can download, and it does encompass the industry as a whole, it’s not just a big advertisment for Thr!ve:

Point of Success does everything on your list except keeping a credit card on file. You don’t want to do this because of credit card data security requirements! I can help with any questions you have!

Like how expensive? We are looking at three terminals - one by the phone, one at the front counter, and one at the bar. I’d love a delivery driver tablet for signing out orders, but it’s all about dollars.

Jeff, can you guys do mapping now for orders taken on the phone or in-store? For example, someone orders for 123 main street, troy MI --> receptionist enters the address and the system determines that they are in Zone 1 that has a minimum of $30 and a delivery fee of $2.

I got 5 terminals and they ran me 20 Gs 5 years ago

look into some of these cloud based solutions. I have a friend who sells Toast pos systems and they run like 40 bucks a month per terminal. He did confess its deliver systems aren’t as good as speedline but its hard to beat that price! you may actually be in his district if you like I will send over his info.

Hi Graham,

We are a dealer for Point of Success and we do have this ability. We can load in the street information so when you enter the street it will autofill and provide the delivery rate. However, there is no way to force the minimum amount, but we can show a message when the street is entered telling the receptionist the minimum order amount for that address.
Feel free to PM me if you want a system quote or have any other questions.

Hi Edy, I have found answers, just none that I like. Thrive has a great demo, but rough reviews. Speedline and Foodtec do it all but they are beyond my budget. Point of Success gets great reviews and has all the tools EXCEPT the mapping piece. It’s a big thing for us given our location and wide delivery area. I can’t go by zip code, town, or radius. I really need the fenced mapping…

If you use the Address Database, the software can assign a zone to the customer and automatically charge the correct delivery fee. The other mapping features you mention are BigHoller features only.