Throwing out credit card slips

How long do you all keep your credit card slips? I haven’t thrown one out yet and we’ve been open for two years. Doing about 65% on credit card, I’m going to have to expand just to store all these damn things!

I’m guessing I should hold on to them until the Statute of Limitations on filing a chargeback passes. Anyone know how long that is? How long do you keep them?


Im a terrible book keeper, so I keep mine about 6 months, anyway, with my filing system(shoving all paperwork in a carry out bag) I would let the chargeback go through, cuz it would take me hours to find a slip.

What type of slips are they? Do they contain card imprints?

If not, they are worthless for using against chargebacks anyway and aren’t worth saving.

I was told you must keep them for 5 years I have been in business for 7 and havent thrown anything out in all those years but I have a large storage area at home that I keep everything so its not a problem. I have each year in 3 file boxes 1 for all my invoices and accounting stuff and 2 for all my daily sales print offs from the end of the night. So 21 boxes doesnt take up much room.

A bit off topic - but how do you guys fight chargebacks?

Of course, on a delivery order, the card is not swiped. Do you have your driver take an imprint of the card at the door?

To fight a chargeback one of the things you must have is either a swiped transaction or a physical imprint of the card. Because of this, we have never won a chargeback fight - so we dont even bother anymore.

I have the card preauthorized and the driver takes an imprint at the door. The driver has the instructions of “no plastic, no food.” and they are to check the signature the same as the cashier in the store. If there is no signature on the card then they check ID.

What % of your delivery orders are CC?

I run around 10% credit card 20% interac and the rest cash