Throwing pizza dough vs stretching on a board

Hey guys…

Here’s a question. What’s the deal with throwing dough vs stretching it on a board? Is there a difference in quality of the crust? What has been your experience? And what is your preference?Thanks!

It looks really cool being able to throw it and spin it. I can spin a skin out multiple different ways. It all depends on the dough proof, is it in a rush, is some little kid watching etc…As long as the center stays thick it doesn’t matter. The problem with throwing is the employee that wants to look cool and doesn’t know the basics of dough and ends up with a wide uneven crust and the center is paper thin.


Wraps it up for us too. We have a nice window from our Pub room looking into the kitchen directly on the pizza station. It’s mostly for “show” but I think it’s effective in getting the crowd to see something “special” in your pizzas. I can remember going to a local Shakey’s as a kid and standing at that window watching those guys do pizza-magic behind the glass, now I’m him.