Ticket Stubs

The name of my pizza shop is Fast Break Pizza. We have basketball theme. But we also consider ourselves somewhat of a family sports bar. I want to do some more decorating that is sports related, and less decorating with the beer mirrors that I’ve been given by the reps.

Soooo – I’m asking that everyone do me a huge gigantic favor and mail me any ticket stubs you have laying around for sporting events that you no longer want. I’m going to create a huge collage of all the ticket stubs to hang on the wall.

Many, many thanks.

Scott Hack
PO BOX 857
Pewee Valley, KY 40056

I can’t help you on ticket stubs.

However, one of my co-workers has a schedule hanging in his cube. It was a promo piece, but lists the local team (Titans in my case), the schedule and a spot for the score. Understanding that I’m NOT a sports nut, I may be using the wrong words.

What about an SEC calendar set (or print something up) with the schedule and final scores. This assumes that the SEC is where your team falls and that way people can check that stuff out while they’re in your shop.

Another thing I’ve seen is game jerseys in shadowboxes behind glass. If you can get them signed, even better. I realize game jerseys aren’t cheap (and I’m talking about the kind you buy, not an actual game-worn jersey), but that can take up some real estate on the wall as well.

One other idea that I’ve seen at Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Grille is tickets and other stuff actually built into the table. My guess is that they are arranged on the wooden table and then heavily laquored over. The top of the table is smooth and no one’s getting to the stuff without some serious tools and even then they won’t be worth anything.

I’ll pretty much take anything sports related that anyone might want to send me. I’m specifically working on that ticket collage, however don’t throw anything sports related away!