ticket zip line

I’m in need of sending my prep tickets from one side of the kitchen to the other. Having my pizza makers walk tickets over is terribly inefficient. Does anyone know anything about those zip lines they use at Hooters? That would be perfect, but I can’t seem to find any info on the net about them. Or any other ideas would be great. Thanks

I know what you are looking for but this is all i could find. I remember as avery young wide eyed kid watching the dept store clerk put the money in one of these things and sending it up to the cash office.

My recollection is that they put up some3 eye bolts, strung some decent weight wire between them, and tied off. The sliders would be spring clips adhered to some hex nuts large enough to give weight and zip along the wire. Thread several of them when it’s built, and they can slide back and forth as needed. Run lines to whatever station, and even side-by-side if needed.

That is my recollection, as I have not been to a hooters for wings in nearly 12 years.

So what have you been going for if not for the wings? :wink:

Wow - never saw an antique one like that!

You’re overcomplicating it, I think.

Sounds like you need the ticket to go ONE WAY.
Get giant document clips at Staples.
Run string from the source to the destination, and make it a little downhill, with the string through the holes of those big clips.

Two options with the end of the run:
a) Just have a bunch of clips, and occasionally run them all back the other way empty - reloading so to speak.
b) Make the run a round trip, so the empty clips can be run back up to the other side once they are looped over the turnaround point (a “hook” instead of an eyebolt to hold the string at that end…

or option C…
c) Get a POS with printers where you need them

I LOVE my zip line…just run down to the local hardware store and pick up the materials and Staples for the BIG clips.

PS we have 4 remote kitchen printers for our POS but the zip line is strictly for the pizza printer to the cut table.

Famouspizza, that’s exactly what I’m looking to do. My POS will print to various locations. BUT, I want the tickets to come to the cutting table in the order that the pizzas are put into the ovens. This is rarely the same order that the POS printer will print them.

What kind of wire did you use for your zip line? I tried using vinyl coated wire (clothesline), but it seems to cause too much friction and the clips get stuck.

I am not sure the name for it, but it is a strong wire that we used that makes the BIG clips slide perfectly down the line…our zip line runs across our entire 10’ prep table to our cut table…i will try to find out the exact name of the wire

I have seen aircraft cable used for this type of application.