Tilt LED delivery signs

I am about to convert my delivery signs to the new Cabbie Tilt LED assembly. Before I commit to converting all 5 signs to it, I was wondering if any of you have used this product and how it performs. If it works well, should be much easier to always have a lit sign out on the road instead of burnt bulbs, broken cords, drivers forgetting to plug in…

LED bulbs last a long, long time and draw little electricity. Those Cabbie signs have a battery option - charge them up in the store so no cords to ruin or not use once stuck on the auto. Costs a bit more, but should pay for itself in peace of mind.

We converted our HTH signs to the “signlits” rechargable LED’s a few years ago. We figured that would solve all of our problems with getting people to plug in their cartop.

It sort of did for a while, but then people would forget to plug them in to charge, the connectors from the charge block would slowly start to break from signs getting knocked off the wall, sometimes the “eye” that decided when it was dark would think it was dark when it was light. Etc., etc. We went back to regular lights and just upped our enforcement of use. I signlits product was great - but I think it can become more trouble than it solves.