tilting dough mixer

anybody familiar with this “tilting dough mixer” on link below ?



for clarification, the MBI-30 is the one I am interested in for my mobile pizzeria,
it has a finshed dough capacity of 55 pounds, or around 31 pounds of flour for most pizza dough

Otis, as you know, I have no experience with these. One thing bothers me though. 55 pounds of dough on a single HP on 115v. I can smell the motor burning from here :(.

A Hobart D340 (40 quart) comes with a 1.5 hp motor and based upon absorbtion ratios will do 25-45 pounds of pizza dough.

Therefore, I’d seriously question how much PIZZA dough that mixer could handle reliably.

I am skeptical and well as a little more nieve, usually nt a good thing.

I have seen these mixers in old bakeries. It is made in Brazil. I think it is “old school”.

Click on link below to see the inside of it. Also, the seller has an interesting web site. Let me know if you have any problem linking up.

[http://www.food-equipment.com/Fleetwood ... mixers.htm](http://www.food-equipment.com/Fleetwood_tilting_dough_mixers.htm)