Time clock apps

I still use the old punch clock and am wondering if there is a good app to use for people punching in and out?

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App? Try When I Work. We don’t use that portion of it but we do use the scheduling part which is pretty nice for being free.

For scheduling we use what’s in our POS from Speedline. Helps to avoid people punching too early or late without it being noticed and saves payroll from them not being allowed to punch in X amount of minutes early unless overridden from someone with those rights

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You can also check the “TimeStation” app. https://www.mytimestation.com/Default.asp
It allows you to print employee cards with QR Codes which they can use to clock in and clock out by using a tablet.
It even gives you reports of work hours per employee including their pay rate and the total pay amount and has the option of setting different departments/employee roles with different pay rates.
Check the website for more info. It works great and it’s FREE!

I’m do exactly what Steve does. Use WhenIWork app for scheduling and time off requests and our POS system (Thrive) for time clock. Haven’t messed with it at all, but I would assume the time clock part of the wheniwork app would get the job done.

In this age you should highly consider upgrading your store to using a POS. There is no excuse to use one in this day and age. All respectful POS have a time clock integration. Most will do what was explained above, restricting clock ins too early or late w/o a managers approval. We used to use POS Pizza (very good inexpensive option - they also have a FREE version). Now we use Revention, much larger $$$ investment.

I thought I remembered seeing you on the POS Pizza forums!

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Yeah, we used it for years. Loved giving them feedback and suggestions and having those things implemented. It’s not quite like that with Revention, but the system does much more (you pay for that).

Currently Using When I Work for the Scheduling of my team. The App and the request off functionality is fantastic. However when I was working for a Hotel we used the Whole Function of When I Work Including the Time Clock. It is nice because you can set up a geo filter to make sure that it is not being abused plus you just clock in right on your phone…its incredibly convenient especially if you’ve got a large property (as we did) or a lot of moving parts and employees as I do now. Currently though we use the TIme Clock in the POS to supplement When I work.

We use Hot Schedules and the managers love it.