Time Clock

Does everyone use a time clock? We have a pos system where as each employee clocks in
using their own i.d.# and password our bookkeeper is trying to tell us that the pos system is not sufficient we need to install a time clock. Anybody else ever here of this?

Sounds like you need a new book keeper.

No, have not used a time clock in 15 years. Why would you want to? Maybe the book keeper is afraid of losing work since they do not have to add up the hours on the POS report.

I use the POS time module to keep my staff time. It was good enough for the government when they did an audit on one of my staff for maternity benefits so I would think it should be good enough for your book keeper.

We also used POS reports for work comp audits. Since some employees work as both drivers and as cooks and we pay different hourly rates for those jobs we have employees clock in by job type as well as name. Initally the work comp people wanted us to report ALL hours for anyone who ever works as a driver as driving hours (higher rate) but our reports were able to demostrate record keeping to document the different jobs. We “won” that audit.

Seriously, POS systems are how it is done now days.

YES pos has been fine for us with no issues, new book keeper may be the answer

Thanks guys, our employee hours I guess are being audited
the bookkeeper hates to admit when she is wrong I am probably going to
have to ask the auditor straight up in front of her. I would like to get rid
of her but cant do it at this time

I would think that what applies in your state may not be the same as the requirements in another state…Would the answer maybe be on your state’s labour standards website?..

What exactly is her problem?
Is it lack of a hard-copy time card or something?

I have our POS to print a ticket at every employe clock-out that they take with them, it shows daily hours, and pay period to date so they have a copy, and I have a copy in the POS which I print out at the end of the period and keep in my files.

I have 2 mechanical time clocks available if you want them, and a pile of about 2K time cards, just pay for shipping and they are yours.

Thanks Got Rocks I will keep that in mind. I do have a question for you,
you mentioned that the employees gets a slip when they clock out, but what happens
if they forget to clock out?
One other question is what if the employee clocks in say 5min before the shift starts
and then clocks out 5 minutes after the shift is done do you owe them 10 minutes
of extra pay?

What do you mean by extra pay?

Aren’t they “on the clock” from the time they clock in until the time they clock out?

If an employee arrives before the scheduled time and clocks in for unauthorized time we tell them not to do that. If they do it over and over we give them a written warning and we also do not pay them for that time. If they arrive early, they can ask the manager on duty if it is OK to clock in early. If the manager has something for them to do they will say yes. The same is true at the end of the shift. If they are scheduled off at 5PM, they are to clock out at five unless the manager agrees to keep them on the clock… not go for a cigarette and then come back in and clock out at 5:15 and not keep working just because no one told them to stop.

You are not under any obligation to pay someone who arrives for work when they are not scheduled and just clocks in. So, registered guest, no, they are not “on the clock” unless they are authorized to be on the clock.

Our system won’t let them clock in more than 10 minutes before their scheduled start time. Those that forget, and they do, we can manually clock out at anytime, for any day. It’s not a problem. Each employee gets a printed time slip for the current pay period every time they clock out. We have the ability to print way too many reports, but why you’re still using a manual time clock, or even why you’re dealing with a bookkeeper who hasn’t adjusted to a POS is a mystery…unless you’re related. :slight_smile:

I’d be interested in seeing how that plays out in any Department of Labor audit. A few years ago we had one of those audits - and they requested data pertaining to the actual clock-ins and clock-outs for our employees.

They did not, however, ask for any data pertaining to scheduling or what you call “authorized” clock time.

Can you explain how you would go about showing them the difference between “authorized” time and actual time? You believe that the DOL would use those “authorized” time records instead of the actual time records?

I believe that someone clocking in early or out late is a management issue, and only can be remedied by termination. You cannot get away with not paying someone for working simply because they were not scheduled to do so.

A quick look at the FLSA turns up this:

“Employees must be paid for work “suffered or permitted” by the employer even if the employer does not specifically authorize the work.”

It makes sense really. It is just like overtime pay or anything else - the employee cannot agree to work for free, and the employer cannot agree to let the employee work for free.

If the “unauthorized” time thing was true, employers and employees could get around many of the labor laws by having both agree that time was “unauthorized” even though it was worked.

Now, of course, if people are coming into the store, clocking in, and then leaving and coming back 30 minutes later - that’s a whole 'nother story. But if people are clocking in early and working - you must pay them. Period.

I use “Point of Success Premium” with the time-clock module, I chose them mainly due to the overwhelmingly positive feedback found on this very website.
We started with their “Standard Version” and I had that ticket printing option with standard also.

In the setup options, I chose to have a “time Period to date” ticket printed for our employees at clock-out.
If they forget to clock out, the system informs me if anyone is still clocked-in at the “Close Day” function. I can then clock them out without printing a ticket through the managers console and adjust their end time to be correct, or I can choose to enter the time clock through their ID number and clock them out that way with a ticket printed.
I can adjust times very easily if needed, and I can pull “Audit Reports” to see who clocked in when, who’s logging in and out at the register, no-sales, till adds & deletes, discounting, everything very easily.
I believe I am able to disallow early clock-in if I use the employee scheduling module, I don’t think I can prohibit early clock-ins without the scheduler (please correct me if I am wrong)
At periods end, I have the option to approve all hours, and make adjustments as needed.
If we find an employee forgot to clock out, we print a sheet showing the adjustment, and have them sign off on it, then we keep it on file in case there are any discrepancies that are brought up (such as an audit)

Version-3 now has a biometric scanner supported in 64-Bit systems, so maybe that would be a good option to stop employees from clocking others in/out in a fraudulent manner if you have that issue happening.

If an employee arrives early and clocks in without authorization, we tell them to clock out and wait for the scheduled time. If we did not do that we would have to pay them as noted above. You are under no obligation to allow an employee to work unscheduled hours simply because they show up and clock in!