Time For A New Deck Oven!

Bakers Pride Y802BL vs
Marsal MB866
Opinions Welcome

We have very few clients using deck ovens but those that do prefer the Bakers Pride
George Mills

Thanks for the input! Heard a few bad things about the door/handle of new Bakers Pride but everyone speaks highly of its bake!

I currently own/operate 2 stores. One has the Marsal MB-series ovens (not sure the exact model number) the other store has Marsal SD-1048’s. I used to run a store with the Y-series Baker’s Pride (again, forget the model number). I’m not a huge fan of the Marsal MB ovens, the wood handles break every year or so, the doors are thin and don’t keep the heat in very well, and they definitely don’t have the “no spin necessary” bake that they advertise. We also opted for the red brick front of the oven which was mistake, after a year or two the bricks started falling off.

That being said, the Marsal SD-1048’s that we have at our other location are phenomenal. We got them to replace 4 Blodgett 1000s that we had and they have done a great job. The bake time is a little bit longer than the Marsal MB, but you can get away with not spinning the pizza (though, it’s a better bake if you do spin). Our baker’s Prides at the old store were also great ovens, I just can’t vouch for the new ones and it seems like a lot of the great brands have gone down hill over the past 2 decades.

Thanks for the heads up on the MB’s!