Time for the increase

Its about time for my prices to go up…Looking to get abnout 5,000 menus printed…you guys always save me money so once again…where should i get em?

check out: http://www.teradel.com[/url] and [url=http://www.gotprint.com]http://www.gotprint.com

I believe it’s http://www.Taradel.com with an “A” not an “E”

Good luck!

Are you getting Color or B&W, single of double sided… letter or legal or a special size?

I just call up Staples, office max, and office depot and compare prices… usually one of the 3 is having a printing sale and I go there.

But that was when I had Legal, B&W, Double sided… just chaged over to Letter, B&W, double sided… so it’s probebly the same at all 3 places now. The paper size always jacked up the price quotes.

I saw a great sale I think it was best choice printing it was in pmq (or pizza today)
it was 50000 front and back 8 1/2 by 11 799.00