Time for timer! what are you using?

I am looking around for new timers to use in the kitchen cooking line. We use them for the fryer . . . several different times for different items . . . toasting the sandwiches in the deck oven, and other myriad things. I have been using for the last couple years some cheap $1 timers I found at Dollar Tree. Good beep volume, last time memory, and minute/second buttons.

Anyone use anything like this? Battery or electirc is useable idea.

Come on Nick… Promote jobs! Hire a new employee… One thousand one, one thousand two, etc… :stuck_out_tongue: Just make sure they can count!

Hmm… I just thought of something… cooking two items or more at once? This could get a little crouded in the kitchen with all these new timer employees standing around. Ok…Bad idea. :cry:

I’ve been looking for new timers as well. The ones with buttons for all the numbers for simpler input. It takes too long to move the time up or down. Walmart used to be a great source at $6 a pop but I was just in a couple weeks ago and they don’t have timers with numbers anymore.

Bought some $1 timers off Ebay from Hong Kong and the reset buttons don’t work :stuck_out_tongue:

Google and Amazon searches have brought up timers at $20 to $30 a piece which is obviously hard to swallow.


I know this is an old post (been busy and trying to catch up) but we spent the money on one of these after going through too many timers from walmart. Has worked wonders! We have a label maker and put a label under each number that matches the time for the item we want to cook. The times can be changed very easily and it “idiot proofs” cook times a little more!

http://www.superprod.com/product/kitche … ers&page=1