Time to degrease... any suggestions?

My makeup air vent grills are getting kind of bad. I’ve used 409 to clean them in the past, but it seems like it doesn’t cut through the sticky grease as well as it should. Anyone have a better product they use for getting the gummy stuff off?

You can use a degreaser, or if you’re really serious use a caustic solution. Drano and water work well out of a spray bottle. Don’t breath it though or let it get into your eyes…

I think I may have answered my own question… I just experimented with oven cleaner and it’s looks promising. The grease is melting away 8) Plus, I feel more comfortable using oven cleaner in the kitchen than Drano :slight_smile:

Crown cleaner is a spray on wipe off cleaner that works great on grease. If you don’t dillute it eats skin off your hands so wear gloves.

Pretty much everything that degreases is some form or strength of sodium hydroxide. Including drano and oven cleaner.

We changed ours out every Sunday by replacing with the spare, clean set that had been soaked, degreased, scrubbed and Shelia Shinned. Maintenance during the week worked well with the Orange cleaner.


That should have read: Sheila Shined. :slight_smile: Sheila Shine is an excellent product for stainless steel.


Do these products work on polymerized grease? I am talking about the stuff that has basically plasticized onto the surfaces?

We use a citrus degreaser for now. It takes some elbow grease and hot water. I am looking for a soak and rinse sort of product, ideally.

Unfortunately for me, the grills of my make-up air are attached directly to the ducts. They can’t be removed, without breaking the seals and removing the tape.

I must say, the oven cleaner worked great. I used Pro Force Oven and Fryer Cleaner from Sams Club. I sprayed it on, waited for about 5 minutes, scrubbed the grill with a small brush and wiped off. It basically dissolved that gummy grease away. :smiley:

While we are on the topic of cleaning, Does anyone have any good suggestions for cleaning conveyor belts?

I usually take them outside and spray them with oven cleaner and let it soak for a while then spray it off. It works okay, but I think there has to be a way to get them cleaner.