Time to update your menu?

Menu engineering has become a valuable science. The look and layout of your menu says almost as much about you as your food. Price increases often drive menu changes, but sometimes shuffling your offerings can jump start a slow mover. What was your last menu change and why? Do you have any tips for menu tinkering that worked well for you?

I used to design menus for Speedline and now work for Figaro’s Italian Pizza. Menu design in the POS system can be a tricky task…It should flow from left to right or right to left and not have to jump around the POS pushing buttons…Is this what you were referring to or actual MENU layout?

If you want to make money. You have to have a simple menu. A simple menu is the key of any resaurant success and makes employees work easier and your customers. They have less chance of messing up. Always put your profitable thing first.


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If you need to design and print new menus you can start by getting free samples sent to you.

Just fill out this form online http://www.taradel.com/Account_Signup.aspx and they will automatically send you free samples. Print full color glossy menus for only $0.04 each

We have used the menu design information from RestaurantOwner.com and have engaged a chef with a specialization in menu design for initial and ongoing design.